25 April 2009

Here we are now, entertain us!

At least a little inspiration! This is a five seconds break between homework and homework. Here i am, after six holidays months...all the work i never did is here, in front of me, waiting to be done. Actually, i prefer that way, if i have something to do, i wont miss London so much, but im still missing the people, my fucking flatmates who make my days perfect, the bus whose numer i cant remember..oh shit! im forgetting London really quick!

Why im writing in english? Just i needed it...so only my londoners and some spanish could understand, i dont mind..sorry mum! Tuenti closed, all i have is facebook and my books (of course!). Too much to study this two months and not really excited with the idea. But, no way. Just do it. Not relax. Not take it easy. 

Actually, im happy. I dont know way coz i dont have special reason and i have to much worries in my mind. But some day i met a boy who was always smiling, and the positive energy was always flowing of him. Maybe he passed me some. Maybe i had before.

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