08 August 2009

À Paris

So..here im..in the train to Paris, leaving backwards the French Britain, awesome, green, coloured…rainy…what did i expected about the weather? Loads of little villages whose names I cant remember but unforgettable.

Started august remains me last year at the village, and studying the fukin subject I carried during the course…

Two hours separate me from Julia n Simon, my London’s flatmates, nothing for Simon but a ring for Julia, I expect Simon understands… J But were gonna marry, as the facebook said, so we needed the same ring!!

Four nites à Paris and then goin back to London, Oxford College is waitin again and the lovely and full of rubbish flat in Murray St. Actually im excited about this month even if I have to stand lots of rainy days, I think im used to it but never missin this weather, I think I left all my summer clothes in Spain… L

And in my drawings countdown, 19 pages (coz I cut the first..it was shit), I did just 3 about the French Britain, and at least im gonna do another of Mont Saint Michelle, so…we ll count 4 for French Britain, maybe 2 of Paris (I hope so…not everythin is pary) and I ll have 13for London, I think its too much coz aint got no time in this city even if im not doin anything…but ill go to places sucha as the British (again and again) the Tate…and blablabla…I think I ll have to start paintin people, coz always rainin its impossible to stay outside!

By the way, I think its all, au revoir!

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